The Gift Table

Getting Your Giftedness In Gear | taught by John St. John, MBA, PHR

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You Have Greatness Within You

You have greater peace, happiness, security, meaning, income, and world changing impact within you. Most people sense it or want it, but have trouble unleashing it.

We've all been there, where you feel:

  • Stuck in a job or life you hate
  • Unsure what to do or how
  • Trapped behind negative thoughts or past failures
  • Like you have no passion or dream
  • Like your dream is a million miles away
  • Like you'll never earn what you deserve doing what you love

All lies you've been told and I've got the people, research, and system to prove it.

What If I could show the clear path our greatest thinkers, innovators, high performers and the happiest people take every day for a better life? Life has your amazing life wrapped and waiting for you at its Gift Table!

Your Seat of Greatness is Reserved at the Gift Table

With 20+ years’ experience teaching 1000’s of college students and coaching 1000’s of Fortune 50 Global leaders to master their mindsets and excel in life, I have distilled this proven know-how into a simple system you can use and start transforming your life today:

You will learn how to:

  • Confirm what you want to do with your life
  • Cultivate and harness a powerful mind-body connection enjoyed by elite performers, public personalities, billionaires, and gurus
  • Discover the proven positive psychology and behavioral technologies you never knew existed
  • Develop your true potential for your highest income production and world changing impact
  • Discover how performance experts turn learning potential into unlimited earning power
  • Embrace behavior and discipline techniques used by multi-million dollar coaching gurus
  • Find greater meaning in your work, life, and contribution to society

What do you get from this training (Worth $995)

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee - if not satisfied
  • 24/7 Access for Life with all upgrades
  • 30 years of expert research, coaching, practical, application, and results distilled into one easy to follow system
  • 3.5 Hours of Expert-Led, Engaging Animated Videos, and Personal Challenges to Transform Thoughts and Behaviors - into Concrete Actions.
  • Author's Gift Table Book (Downloadable)
  • 22 Page Online Course Guide (Downloadable)
  • 1 Skype Call/Email Q&A Bundle (Up to 50 minutes Direct Support)
  • Free Online Personality and Preference Assessments
  • 50+ step-by-step, expert-led practical, and tailored exercise worksheets and challenges to solidify your learning, so action becomes second nature.
  • An Easy, Guided Exploration and Selection of Your Strengths and How to Use Them.
  • An Incredible Life Purpose Statement That Captures Your Dream life and How to Achieve It.
  • Powerful Goal and Action Planning Techniques to avoid old behaviors ever coming back again.
  • Learn how you will change the world!
  • Exclusive Forum access
  • 10% Discount on Future Coaching Services
  • BONUS: 7 Animated Shorts Demonstrating How Each Step Works in the Real World!
  • 14 inspirational and downloadable audio tracks for your listening pleasure, mindset growth, and application of new skills learned in this course.

Student Testimonials

“I have found the course to be wholly inspiring so far and I'm learning a lot. I particularly like this lecture as it is exploring something I'm personally interested in at the moment, and that's the act of helping other people, and exploring how that makes you feel as well as the recipient. Thanks for the opportunity to learn from you :-)”

“Wow! You really push me to see my life in a different way. I must make some changes. Thank you for providing the tools and knowledge!”

“Where were you when I was spending $300+ on courses on finding my purpose that left me feeling even more confused and frustrated??? Thank you for creating this amazing course that has kept my attention and inspired me to get out of my own way and move into my purpose. The presentations are awesome and engaging and the exercises are very enlightening (once completed). Thank You!! Thank You!!!!”

“John you've done an amazing job here! I've been really impressed at the support you give and the resources you include. I loved the various quotes throughout the course (from world leaders and the like), but the most powerful quotes, I thought, were your own. "It's always the right time to pursue your dreams" and "I don't wish you luck, because luck is unreliable". I've taken a lot from the course and I'm thrilled to recommend this as a five star self development tool :-)”

And, you will enjoy these same results, too.


  • Mac or PC
  • Ability to download and print worksheets
  • Willingness to be open, flexible, and consistent in applying what you learn


  • College Student/Graduate needing clarity, direction, and support choosing a life and work path toward greatness
  • Work Weary Adults feed up with meaningless, unsatisfying, and not using their hidden talents.
  • Restless Retirees who want one more shot at greatness delayed or untapped.

If you commit, you will learn how many high performing, highly successful people live their best lives. And, you can join this elite group today!

And, I, John St. John, will be there with you every step of the way cheering on your success!

Enroll today! Receive $990 Value

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • 24/7 Access for Life (Includes upgrades)
  • 3.5 Hours of Expert-led video ($300)
  • 7 Steps and videos demonstrating the change process ($200)
  • 50+ Pages of Step-By-Step Practice Exercises ($100)
  • Author's Book ($10)
  • Online supplemental materials and audio tracks ($150)
  • Exclusive Course Forum Access to the Coach ($50)
  • 1 Skype Call/Email Q&A Bundle (Up to 50 Min) ($250)
  • 10% Discount on Future Coaching Services ($35/hr value)

You miss 100% of the shots you never take, don't miss this one - the clock's ticking- shoot and score big by enrolling today!

John  St. John, MBA, PHR
John St. John, MBA, PHR
Personal Coach


For years, I have worked 6 figure jobs and experienced textbook success that left me empty, broken, and crying on a doctor's examination table. This happened twice in my life.

As I heard the doctor recount my emotional and physical scars of a misspent life, I knew I had to find a better way of living. I later spent decades combing books, audio, video, and interviewing experts to learn, grow, and teach the life transformation strategies that saved my life and put me into the fast lane of living my best life.

With God's help and support of loving people, I share these strategies of transformational hope, so you won't waste your life believing in anything that does not reveal, affirm, and harness the greatness within you, as defined by you!

All my education, money, and career growth left me empty, defeated, and dying inside and out. I was missing the entire reason for being born. So, I learned 7 strategies for getting my life back on track, which I am sharing with you in this course.

For 20 years, I've helped professionals and executives define their authentic lives, focus on earning income doing what they love and do best, and give back for world changing impact - just like me. Soon to be you.

My passion is coaching, developing others and inspiring your transformation. I look forward to seeing you in one of my courses and helping you enter the fast lane of your best life - now!

Come grow with me!


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